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headset features

16-channel EEG.

16 electrodes strategically placed to provide optimum coverage of the brain and to capture all the signals.


Dry-Electrodes designed for comfort

Polymer Ag/AgCl electrodes are industry-standard non-polarizable electrodes used in EEG-based clinical measurements. These electrodes are popular for low electrode-skin impedance and low noise. A 15-pin dry EEG electrode is easy to use and comfortable to wear.

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Active Electrode system.

Active Electrode System integrates an amplifier with high input impedance, low noise and good electrode offset rejection. It locally amplifies and buffers μV-level EEG signals before driving any cabling, leading to lower noise levels compared to conventional passive electrodes.

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Connectivity modes.

Connects via Bluetooth 5.0 and also via Wi-fi to ensure low latency and fast data transmission. The headset is also preconfigured to connect to the SDK hosted on Microsoft Azure.


Wisdom SDK.

Bring the most out of your NexStem headset, with the Wisdom SDK. Create customized BCI applications and devices.

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Frontal Lobe (AF3, AF4, FZ) Captures signals related to human cognitive skill.

Somatosensory Cortex (C3, C4, C5, C6, CZ)- Captures signals related to sensory information reaching the brain from the entire body.

Primary Motor Cortex (FC3, FC4)- Captures signals related to Movement

Parietal Lobe (CP3, CP4, CPZ, PZ, PO3, PO4)- Captures signals related to Sensory information reaching to the brain from external factors like taste, touch etc.

headset technical specs

EEG Sensors.

16 channels: AF3, AF4, Fz, FC3, FC4, C3, C4, C5, C6, Cz, CP3, CP4, CPz, Pz, PO3, and PO4 BIAS at T7 and reference at T8.

Electrode Material: 15 pin Polymer Ag/AgCl Dry Electrodes

Electrode Type: Active Electrodes


Wi-Fi: upto 150 Mbps, and supports OTA firmware updates and can be provisioned using Postman or the NexStem Device Manager.

BLE: Bluetooth Low Energy v5.0 support will be upcoming using firmware updates

USB: Micro USB to run training experiments.


EEG Signals.

Resolution: 24-bit ADC (0.0223μV)

Sampling Rate: 1000 Samples per second

Bandwidth: 0.1 Hz to 50Hz, notch filters at 60 Hz.

Filters: Built in Active Electrode System and 3rd sinc filter.

Lead Off Detection: Real-time measurement of electrode impedance.



Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion battery 1800mAh.

Battery Life: upto 8 hours of continuous usage

Aesthetics & Design

Weight: 300g

Material Used: Memory Foam and Nylon

Head Sizes: 50cm to 65cm (circumference)

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NexStem Headset

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