Fostering Humankind's Evolution – Communicating with the Brain

Siddhant Dangi

For centuries man has been fascinated by the brain. But for the most part, the neural signals it transmits have remained a mystery. That is until the advent of Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs), and the advances in this technology formed a bridge between the brain and external devices. The end result? Actual, tangible brain data and a pathway to communicate back to the brain.  

What is a BCI?

To summarize, BCI is technology that acquires brain signals, analyzes them, and translates the data into commands sent to an external (output device) like the NexStem headset. In short, it's a direct communication pathway for the brain's "electrical" activity and a device/machine.  

Impossible now possible

Using advances in computer technologies and software, BCIs are now making it possible to study the human brain by studying brain signals and analyzing the patterns formed. The real and immediate benefit is a non-invasive form of communication.  

Think of an EEG of the past, think of all the wires connected to the person's head and the crude means to gather the data required to unravel the brain data. With BCIs, we can restore, enhance, and improve the communication between the brain and a device and ensure that the intended actions are performed seamlessly.  

For example, robotic prosthetics that don't need to be hardwired or plugged (surgically) into your body or assistive technologies used by paralyzed patients. Instead, the body becomes the network, and the BCI devices, the wireless endpoints. Because of this, the future potential applications for this technology are exploding.  

BCI impact on the future of humankind

As new areas for BCI use come to light every day, we are just starting to see the overall impact the ethical and appropriate use of this technology will have on the daily lives of humans. For example, imagine directly interacting with smart home devices, monitoring concentration levels, performing sleep and dream analysis, or even monitoring work stress.

The application for BCI is no longer limited by our ability to communicate with the brain; it is limited purely by our imagination. At NexStem, we believe that BCIs will redefine every fundamental way that we as human beings interact with our surroundings, further accelerating a new form of human evolution.