Staking Our Claim in the Metaverse – What is next for NexStem

Siddhant Dangi

The notion of inserting humankind into the metaverse is a thing of science fiction. Or it has been, that’s until we cracked the code on making non-invasive robotic and Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) solutions that you can control simply with your thought.  

Today NexStem takes a bold step from being a dream into the realm of being a commercial reality. We have finalized and formalized our latest round of funding. And our NexStem Headsets and Wisdom-SDK (software development kit) are now generally available and ready to purchase from our website.  

What sets us apart is not that we have a BCI solution but that we offer developers and researchers an end-to-end offering. This includes a device and a no-code software development tool that they can use to build and design bespoke solutions across multiple use cases. We have created software to improve the signal capture quality of electroencephalography (EEG) signals harnessed by BCIs – a critical next step in inserting the human into the metaverse.  

Our mentors, partners in this journey, and investors have shown us we are on the right path. This is not just through advice but also by providing us with a cash injection that has enabled the continuous development of our headsets and our software kit. With this recent round of funding from BITS Spark Angels, InfoEdge Ltd., Maninder Gulati, and a host of angel investors, we are delighted to announce that our award-winning headset is now generally available from our site and can be shipped to the U.S., European, and APAC markets.  

Looking ahead, we will use our funding to expand our reach, build our supply chain, and fund future research and development of the NexStem headsets and Wisdom-SDK software.

A Community Approach

Notably, we want as many developers and researchers as possible to embrace our technologies and harness the AI algorithms and models of our no-code Wisdom-SDK to develop, create, and deploy BCI solutions quickly and affordably. The applications of BCIs, when combined with our superior signal capturing technology, are limitless.  

We want you to think bigger than you ever have before. Think medical applications, gaming, immersive AR and VR, think home automation, business automation, general well-being, and inserting yourself as an active member into the metaverse. And then think about how you can control this all with your thought. That is the reality that NexStem is bringing you.  

End-to-End and Affordable

We don't want to take too much of your time telling you how brilliant our solutions are, they speak for themselves, but by way of a summary, you can source both headsets and a fully-fledged cloud or on-premises software solution from us.  

Our award-winning NexStem Headsets are aesthetic and affordable while delivering medical-grade EEG signals. Strategically placed electrodes provide optimum coverage of signals, low electrode-skin impedance, low noise interference. The headset is easy-to-use, ergonomic, non-invasive, supported by memory foam cushioning, has 16-channel EEG sensors, 15-pin dry EEG electrode, with 6-hours battery life delivered via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. And it retails for USD $800. 

Then our NexStem Wisdom SDK is a no-code modern, intuitive platform whose drag and drop interface allows developers to build complex machine learning algorithms in real-time. It is available in three versions: a free version, which excludes the advanced AI algorithms, buy the software outright and run it locally, or via the NexStem cloud-plan. With the cloud plan, users are not required to secure their own computational resources or support. Costs for the Wisdom SDK plans are $0 for the free version, $15 a month for the local or on-premises version, and $100 for the cloud-based plan.

Limitless Future

Our goal is to make BCI solutions affordable and easy to use, and we want all of humanity to benefit from the additional power we can unlock from neural data. Our team has set a goal to develop one algorithm a month that allows society to understand the brain better. We extend this to capturing and harnessing all biosignals generated by the body - not just EEG data.  

Lastly, our vision is to become a complete toolkit for understanding all the biosignals a body produces. And all of this is controlled just by one's thoughts.