Change the world
with your thought.

NexStem Wisdom SDK contains pretrained high-accuracy Machine Learning models to get you up-and-running instantly

wisdom algorithm

Motor Imagery

97% Accuracy

Motor Imagery refers to performing a task in the mind without making any physical movements. The Wisdom SDK motor imagery algorithm can give you access to up to 4 mental commands.


Attention and Relax Detection

90% Accuracy

The algorithm captures and understands EEG signals to analyse when the mind is attentive and when the mind is relaxed.


P300 Speller

36 Characters

A P300 Speller works on the principle of ERPs or Event Related Potentials. The Speller allows a user to spell out his thoughts just by focusing on the character.


Facial Expression Detection

95% Accuracy

The algorithm captures, analyses, and quantifies all the signals from the 16 EEG channels, and provides information regarding the person’s facial expressions.


SSVEP Speller

ITR 1.67 BPS

An SSVEP speller typically uses SSVEPs to detect the user’s gaze direction to a target character. Our Algorithm gives you access to up to 40 targets with accuracy of up to 100%.


wisdom visualizations

View real time EEG data stream from the NexStem headset, and perform real-time analytics of your live EEG data. Create and customize FFT Plots, Spectrograms, Band Power Plots and Head plots.

wisdom experiments

Create custom experiments for collection of training data for your BCI algorithms using our drag and drop designer. Define and insert custom markers into the data stream to serve as labels for your training data.

Mask Group 42

Experiment Templates

Motor Imagery: 2/3/4 Class
Attention and Relaxation Detection
Facial Expression Detection
Speller - SSVEP/P300

wisdom deploy

Play with your Brain

Deploy your custom end-to end BCI pipeline. Choose your algorithm, and then select the destination for the inference from any of the supported devices or applications.

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Change the world with
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