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State of the art Brain-Computer interface solutions made intuitive and affordable for everyone.


The human body is a machine that keeps on evolving through the course of time. Unfortunately, with passing time the human body goes through wear and tear.

Earlier, the evolution in human body was totally controlled by nature. With the advancements in the field of technology and Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to control the evolution to a significant extent. And this has been largely possible due to the human brain. The human body may have its limits, luckily the brain doesn't.



To empower individuals to transcend their biological limits through sophisticated yet intuitive solutions.


Unlock the true potential of mankind to foster it’s evolution.

NexStem envisions a future where BCIs are ubiquitous and empower individuals in various applications and industries.

to realise this future,

the team at NexStem has developed an adaptable SDK platform catering to a wide audience. One which could be extremely intuitive for a beginner in the form of a no-code platform, while simultaneously being able to serve the complex requirements of an ambitious professional, through a full-fledged coding platform.

High fidelity EEG data is acquired from NexStem’s proprietary headset, which is designed to be ergonomic while being aesthetic.

NexStem’s headset also ensures a hassle free usage unlike it’s clinical counterparts, while rivaling their precision

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core values

Responsibility. Innovation. Empowerment.

Neuro-ethical responsibility

towards data of our users

Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) have long invoked a debate on unresolved ethical questions, especially due to the involvement of neural data and minimal oversight in consumer technology development. We understand the implications of such intimate data in the wrong hands and hence uphold neuroethical adherence as the core in our value system. We also promise to safeguard our user’s neural data through data transparency and privacy against any form of unethical practice and application.

Community driven innovation

through active engagement with developers & researchers

We believe in the power of community and hence are driven to actively engage developers and researchers to push the limits of the applications of BCI’s. To enable this symbiosis, we work in making our solutions developer-friendly and ensure access to raw data and services that accelerate research and development. We facilitate peer production by making products such as source codes, blueprints and documentation available at no cost to the public.

Empowerment & inclusion

for all of humanity

We strive for a future where inequality is a thing of the past, by not letting disabilities that individuals are born with or their biological limits define them. To attain this, we focus on making our solutions accessible and affordable while also investing in resources to advance in inclusive and empowering applications.

meet the team

Siddhant Dangi
Siddhant Dangi

Engineer by the day, minecraft enthusiast by the night. A tech geek with passion for robotics and coding. Siddhant also fancies playing minecraft in his free time.

Deepansh Goyal
Deepansh Goyal

Highly fueled for coding and robotics, Deepansh is also a sports enthusiast. He enjoys playing Table Tennis and Ultimate Disc.

Nitin Singh
Nitin Singh

Apart from holding strong technical profess, Nitin is a fitness enthusiast. He considers fitness his mantra of a positive life.

Vivek Raja P S
Vivek Raja P S

Vivek Raja P S is 16 times Multi-cloud certified Solutions Architect and recognized as AWS Machine Learning HERO. He runs several developer cloud & AI communities in India

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