record. analyze. innovate.

Experience the future of BCI tech with cutting-edge Nexstem Instinct Headset

Prebook Instinct at 300$

record. analyze. innovate.

Experience the future of BCI tech at a fraction of the cost with Nexstem’s cutting-edge Instinct Headset. Pre Book Instinct at just $300.

Instinct Features

Powerful on-board compute

All data computing takes place within the Instinct device with Nexstem’s powerful ARM processor to give you more power, with zero latency.

6 TOPs
Create without boundaries

Be in control of your data with Instinct APIs. Build proofs-of-concept in a flash with in-built support for Python, Java, JavaScript, & more programming languages.

19 auto-adjusting electrodes

Auto-adjusting electrodes to bring you the best signal quality with a custom fit every single time.

Medical-grade signal quality

Instinct sets the gold standard for EEG signal quality with unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and consistency.

Powerful on-board computing

Computing happens directly on device with our powerful ARM processor giving you more power with zero-latency.

Adjust your headset to fit to you

All of the 19 electrodes for the headset are completely adjustable to ensure you get the perfect fit and contact quality every time.

Create without boundaries

Get complete control over your data with Wisdom APIs. Reach POCs faster with  in-built support for popular programming languages like Python, Java, JavaScript & more.



On-device battery
Instinct’s in-built battery source allows you to take your research with you wherever you go without needing to connect to a power source.
Edge based computing
Zero-latency on-device processing with complete data security for an uninterrupted, secure experience.



in minutes

Streams App
Visualize a live stream of your EEG graph data, and manipulate with in-built analysis tools and filters.
Headset Manager
Access and configure the device’s sensors to make the most of your headset.


Instinct OS

Designed for BCI workflows
Powered by a Debian-based operating system, Instinct OS is uniquely designed to complement the Instinct headset. Process EEG and other bio-signals seamlessly.
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Instinct Headset


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