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Experience the future of BCI tech with cutting-edge Nexstem Instinct Headset

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OS custom-built for BCI

EEG data processing is complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Instinct OS is Nexstem’s own custom-built OS for BCI applications.



On-device battery
Instinct’s in-built battery source allows you to take your research with you wherever you go without needing to connect to a power source.
Edge based computing
Zero-latency on-device processing with complete data security for an uninterrupted, secure experience.

Instinct OS is the first custom-built BCI OS that runs inside the EEG headset.

A unique
desktop experience

Instinct OS is built on a Linux-based, Debian powered architecture for a zero-latency experience. Get minimum noise bio-signal data with a smooth interface for large-scale analysis.

Freedom to create
with InstinctAPI

Lying at the heart of the software ecosystem, InstinctAPI gateway allows direct interaction with brain data streams, facilitating real-time access, analysis, and manipulation of data.

Build proofs of
concept in minutes

Instinct OS comes with in-built support for popular programming languages like Python, C++, and JavaScript through Instinct SDK vastly simplifying POC creation and validation.

Plug and play
with in-built desktop apps


Real-time visualization and analysis of EEG data with FFT plots, time series plots, bandpower plots and in-built data filtering for precise signal manipulation.

Plug and play
with in-built desktop apps



Brain data-streams at your fingertips
Real-time visualisation and analysis of EEG data with standard plots and in-built IIR & FIR filters for precise signal manipulation.
Stream & Record with ease

Experience the simple and intuitive interface to record brain data streams seamlessly. Control data from individual channels and visualize them in real-time.

6 TOPs
Playback recorded streams

Access and playback all your recorded streams data from 'My Recordings tab on the app.

In-built stream plots for unique insights

Visualize your stream data in standard plot formats like FFT, Bandpower and Time Frequency Spectogram right from inside the app.


Manager app

Customize hardware properties
Access and configure the hardware sensors to get the best out of your headset. Get direct access to the headset's hardware parameters.
Control position of each electrode

Ensure best contact quality for each of the electrodes by customizing their position independently based on your head size and shape.

6 TOPs
Get device metrics & logs

View all headset vitals and log information in a single place on the app.

Intuitive headset orientation

Real-time stream of accelerometer values to give you the exact 3D headset orientation.

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